Boudoir session

Boudoir … there are so many different ways to capture this genre including intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic images. You can also have playful, demure or images which make you feel good about yourself. There is no right or wrong when it comes to which type of image you want … it is all a personal preference which I am happy to help you achieve.

There are so many reasons people want to have boudoir images. Some people want to create a series of images which they can give to their partner as a gift for a special occasion, others may want to create images which they can look back on in the years to come. Some people just want to have nice photos of themselves which help to boost their confidence and to show that they are beautiful. No matter the reason, boudoir images are always something to look back on with pride and joy.

When I am capturing boudoir images, I want to have my clients feeling positive about themselves as well as feeling a little bit sexy.  I aim to make my clients love parts of their bodies that they may have issues with prior to the session and to love even more those features they already love. There are also ways to disguise those spots you don’t want shown by careful posing and lighting.

The images below show different methods of lighting which show my subjects in full light as well as using small amounts of light to highlight particular regions of the body. Both have their place and can be as equally appealing.

If you have been thinking about having some boudoir shots taken (either for yourself or a significant partner), then don’t hesitate to contact me and we can discuss your ideas and put them into action for you.

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