Mother Teresa Year 6 graduating class of 2019.

Family Portraits Special Offer for Mother Teresa School

As a special offer for families and friends of the Mother Teresa graduating class of 2019, I would like to offer a discount on my photography sessions and prints.

I am offering a 20% discount on session rates and prints when mentioning you are from Mother Teresa school. Portraits can be conducted in location of your choice once discussed and agreed upon with me.

In order to make an enquiry about a portrait session, press the button below and fill in the form. In the “SUBJECT” line, mention “Mother Teresa” so that I can prioritise your enquiry. Please also fill in the message part of the form so that I have some information on the style of images you would like to enquire about.

Enquire about a session

Facebook ready images

Facebook ready images have been optimised to post on Facebook with the best image quality and file size to quickly upload to Facebook.

The photos have been split over 6 galleries to help performance loading time.

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Print ready images

Print ready images are large files. These are a higher quality image than the Facebook files and are suited for printing images. 

It is not recommended to use these files on social media due to the file size.

Due to the large volume and size of these files, I have prepared a link to external online storage. By pressing the button below, you should be able to access the storage and download the files. You will need to press the right mouse button and then select “SAVE IMAGE AS” to save the file to your computer or device.

Print ready Images